Zynga is hiring a

Senior Programmer - Unannounced IP

Brighton, United Kingdom

NaturalMotion’s BossAlien studio is working on exciting projects with small teams and are looking for a talented developer to join us. Based in the exciting city of Brighton on the South Coast, BossAlien are the award winning team behind CSR Racing and CSR Classics.

We are looking for smart, energetic, friendly people of all levels of experience to join us in our super cool studio in Central Brighton. 

If you have a thirst for knowledge, an eye for detail, and are comfortable taking on any challenge given to you, this could be the role for you.

If you have the drive, ambition and belief that you can make a difference, then we want to hear from you!


A successful applicant can expect their day to day work to include:

  • Collaborating on the design and implementation of new game features.
  • Writing production-quality code for live game updates.
  • Creating prototypes and proof-of-concept gameplay for projects in pre-production.
  • Creating systems, tools, and workflows that boost the whole team.
  • Working directly with artists and designers on multiple projects.
  • Ensuring that code is well designed, and performant.
  • Working with in-house QA to reproduce, debug and fix complicated bugs.
  • Designing, developing, and operating game critical services.

Experience and Skills

A successful applicant will be able to demonstrate experience and ability in:

  • Working as part of a team, and independently.
  • Knowledge of game engine architecture.
  • A deep understanding of a relevant programming specialisation (networking, AI, rendering, gameplay, peripherals, tools, build systems, data processing pipelines, etc).
  • A broad understanding of all aspects of software development.
  • Competence in C++ or C# and aptitude to learn new languages and idioms quickly.
  • Great verbal and written communication skills.
  • Knowledge of how to scope and break down requirements into actionable tasks.


Want to really stand out? Know all about:

  • Mentoring or leading junior team members.
  • The design and implementation of high availability back-end services at scale.
  • Shaders and rendering techniques.
  • Motion, animation, physics and kinetics.
  • Console or mobile hardware.
  • Multiple language paradigms.
  • User interface and user experience design and implementation.
  • Build and deployment process.
  • Content tool creation and maintenance.
  • Multi platform development.
  • Be awesome at something we don't yet know we need yet.

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