Mergermarket Group is hiring a

Junior Research Analyst Internship - Inframation Group

New York, United States

Inframation Group (IG) is looking to hire an intern for their database product, InfraDeals.


The opportunity is for three months and around 40 hours per week with the role to be extended and made permanent for the right candidate. Languages are desirable.


Mergermarket Group (MMG) and IG will provide you with hands-on experience in our global news room. Our internships are intensive development programmes designed to give you a practical taste of working in an international financial news environment.


Inframation Group is MMG’s third biggest product and is focused on the role of private finance in the investment of infrastructure.  IG covers the full universe of global infrastructure.  This includes; fundraising, bank, bond and equity financing solutions and the full life cycle of an infrastructure project’s procurement involving legislation, government funding and environmental approval.   


Our core subscribers are law firms, banks, construction firms, technical advisors, private equity funds and pension funds.  


Key skills:

  • Analytical - always on the look-out for trends
  • Diligent - our subscribers get to see everything you do
  • Creative - you’ll be writing short stories


Things to google to learn more;

  • Public Private Partnership or P3
  • LaGuardia Airport Redevelopment in 2016
  • Project finance
  • Inframation Group
  • InfraAmericas
  • InfraDeals


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