IAS Integral Ad Science is hiring a

Java Server Developer

New York, United States

Job Title:                                  Java Server Developer

City:                                         New York

State:                                        NY



  1. Design a high performance, round-the-clock large-scale cache system, based upon sales and data science requirements;
  2. Implement new causal analysis algorithms, add authentication to incoming requests and/or improve fraud detection systems and/or data science algorithms including exchange decider algorithm, yield optimization algorithms and click predictability;
  3. Utilize these designs to develop Java based applications, using tools including dependency injection, liquibase, hibernate, jax-rs, jersey and tomcat;
  4. Engage in production of Java based applications and RESTful services;
  5. Support both existing and future applications by performing domain driven development in an agile work environment following scrum software development lifecycle;
  6. Provide ongoing assistance to client services in troubleshooting customer issues and any other product issues as they arise. This may include analyzing production traffic, analysis of thread and heap dumps using profiling tools such as Yourkit/VisualVM;
  7. Assist sales and customer service to suggest the appropriate product for the customer’s needs. Includes designing and maintaining internal reporting tools built using Java,JSP, tapestry and hibernate;
  8. Design and code high performance, low latency decision based system for serving internet traffic;
  9. Analyze , debug and optimize existing code in a real-time environment. And perform rigorous performance testing on it using tools such as siege and jmeter to benchmark the application;
  10. Optimize Java VM and Garbage collection parameters to improve throughput, or stepping through the code using JDWP transports to eliminate threading issues and deadlocks.

Requires a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a Related Field and 1 year of experience in job offered or 1 year of experience in the Related Occupation.

Software Engineer or any other job title performing all listed job duties.

JOB TIME:                                 Full Time

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