iZettle is hiring a

Web Developer, Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

Join us to help millions of small businesses all over the world.

Together with your team, you will solve any problem. Meaning that you will choose the technologies, what and how to develop, maintain and where to host it. You will have frequent interaction with other teams, working with some of the best engineers. For us, it's crucial to have a mindset of constant progress.


​Who are we?

You will work with a life-changing product for small businesses all around the world, with hundreds of thousands of users. This, by helping our merchants to grow their business and therefore building a more democratic world.

We love to explore new technologies! This means working with modern Javascript and state-of-the-art technologies, always in a way that will keep iZettle balanced and resilient.

Currently, we are 10+ web developers at iZettle and we want to become more!

What are we working with:

  • Web developers at iZettle hold Javascript dear and we hope you are as passionate as we are.​
  • Javascript in browser and Node.
  • TypeScript, Elm and Ruby. The latter is something we’re moving away from, but we still have some code in Ruby.
  • Frameworks and libraries such as React, Redux, MobX, RxJS, Express, Koa and ReactNative.

​What are we working on:

We have two major web products; our public website and our Portal (logged in view). Currently we are looking for new colleagues for multiple teams.

More importantly, we would love to know what you want to work with. Maybe in one of these teams?

  • Advance - Offer capital to our customers so that they can expand their business.
  • Acquisition - Working with conversions, figuring out what call to action works the best.
  • Store insight - Data and statistics helping our customers understand their business.
  • Store front - Handling the product inventory is important for every business.
  • Remote sales - Allow our customers to pay by alternative means like invoices and pay by link.
  • Web Marketing - Make our public website the best it can be.

​Who we believe you are:

We believe you are not afraid of trying new things and stepping out of your comfort zone. You are triggered by learning, and native to the web platform, which means fluency in Javascript or other compile to Javascript languages.

Thinking of joining one of the most promising tech startups in Europe? Of course you are! Apply and we will revolutionise the payment industry together!


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