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Solutions Architect

San Francisco, United States
Tradeshift is disrupting the enterprise software space and in a big way. B2B has entered the Platform era and we are leading the charge. Tradeshift connects companies of all sizes and provides them with the platform, network and tools needed to develop apps, communicate in real-time and create value from old processes like invoicing, payments and workflow. Tradeshift is redefining an enterprise space that has seen little change in many years.  We recognize that business is messy and business is social. Understanding these two facts drives the development of Tradeshift - a platform for all your business interactions.

Our Enterprise and Platform Team:

There's no single answer for a company aiming to consolidate and digitize their supply chain. Individual applications cover different aspects, such as procurement, supplier risk, sustainability, finance, etc. With Tradeshift, we have created the world's first ever one-of-a-kind platform for all your suppliers, all in one place. Different applications support different business needs while running on a strong integrated core that enables supplier connectivity and collaboration between and inside of companies, all in real time. Best of all, the platform can leverage what is unique about your business to provide a significant and sustainable competitive advantage. We believe that for something as critical as a company's supply chain, industry standard best practices are just not good enough. Don't simply match your industry average, use Tradeshift to take what is unique about your supply chain and turn it into a sustainable competitive advantage. Tradeshift's Enterprise Platform offering does exactly that.

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