MemberSuite is hiring a

Solutions Architect

Atlanta, United States

Who Are We?

MemberSuite, Inc. is an enterprise Software Service (SaaS) company based in Atlanta, GA. With over 20 modules, our software powers the back office processes for more than 100 medium and large associations and non-profits, providing order processing, member self-service, and e-marketing. We believe firmly in the future of cloud computing and it’s inevitability; we believe every enterprise software market will be disrupted by a well architected, service-oriented, extensible SaaS solution, and the world’s market of 3.8 million non-profits are no exception.  We believe in world domination – or go home.     


What Do We Need?

Solutions Architect
Position Summary & Key Areas of Responsibility

  • Solution Architect core technical skills; Broad infrastructure architecture skills around data center, storage networking, security, messaging, database, cloud and end user computing.
  • The ability to communicate with “C” level executives and below, translating business requirements into infrastructure solutions across multiple projects is required.
  • The ability to design and implement the technical aspects of a given application.
  • Mentor and train the engineering team to help shape strategies, solve problems, and create solutions
  • Interface with customer to provide consultancy services



  • 10 years + in software development, with 3 years of Solution design and architecture experience in project.
  • Experience with Cloud Services technologies (Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, OpenStack)
  • Solid working knowledge of Databases such as SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle
  • Strong understanding of APIs (strongly preferred REST, or SOAP)
  • Proven experience developing successful SOA and integration solutions in an enterprise environment based on one or more industry standards.
  • Knowledge of Enterprise and Application Design Patterns.
  • Experienced in developing software with good non-functional attributes. (high performance, low footprint, scalable, robust, secure etc.)
  • Debugging, troubleshooting: ability to translate symptoms and problems into root causes.
  • Strong collaboration and coaching skills.
  • Experience working in a customer facing role.
  • Ability to translate technical jargon into easy to understand and clear terms.
  • A continual learner that stays up-to-date on the latest technologies.
  • Agile processes.
  • Ability to understand specific needs in which to create or alter solutions
  • Ability to understand and drive In-Service Performance issues for complex systems.


What makes you, the ideal candidate; the right person to join our company?

You see, the right candidate – that candidate that will have a blast at our company – hates working on legacy systems, or being pigeon-holed into maintenance type jobs. The right candidate loves the opportunity to try out a new technology, or to work on a new feature, and then to be able to see how that features helps customers. The right candidate doesn’t want to be a cog in a machine; they want to drive the business forward. They want a stake in the company so that they can benefit from their hard work. They want to create something that didn’t exist before them, and feel the pride that comes from real people using it to make their jobs easier.


What You Will Get In Return

  • Generous vacation time
  • Health benefits
  • Monthly Massages
  • Flexible Work Hours
  • Quarterly Activities
  • Cool Equipment
  • 360 Reviews
  • Team Environment 

At MemberSuite, we understand the value of building a strong product that enables our customers to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.  To support our customers effectively, we provide our Engineering team with the tools and equipment they need to be effective.  This includes getting a high powered CPU, three flat screen monitors, and all of the snacks he/she can eat and drink. If a piece of equipment makes your life easier, we’ll get it for you.

Job Location: Dunwoody, Georgia

Position Type:  Full Time

Compensation: Based on experience


**Please note that only qualified candidates with unrestricted employment authorization (US citizens or permanent residents) will be contacted. Also, this position is LOCAL, so only candidates residing in or near Atlanta will be considered. We are based near Perimeter Mall, in Dunwoody.


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