M.Gemi is hiring a

Back End Engineer

Boston, United States

This role is for a senior level engineer who will have the responsibility of growing and scaling the back office infrastructure of an innovative ecommerce system. You will work closely with business stakeholders to define requirements and architect solutions that allow the business to continue to grow as it expands product lines and increases distribution. As a technical leader, in a LAUNCH portfolio company your knowledge will be leveraged to help other companies solve their back office challenges. This opportunity provides visibility, influence, creativity, and autonomy. You will work on existing and new systems as the business grows and matures. This will involve technology evaluation and creation.


  • are a software engineer with 4+ years of experience developing highly transactional and scalable solutions.
  • will take an iterable and test driven approach to software development
  • collaborate with a small team of ecommerce experts and own product and engineering design decisions
  • are always learning, teaching, and looking for opportunities to help your team improve
  • have experience evaluating and integrating a variety of technologies, including open source components
  • have experience building quality software where automated testing is leveraged
  • want to build something you’re proud of that customers love
  • want to contribute back to the open source community, blog, and talk about your work with peers
  • mentor more junior engineers, share your knowledge, and learnings with the team

Our Technology

We spend our time innovating and not reinventing the wheel. Instead, we integrate with industry-leading partners and open source components. Our ecommerce back-end is powered by Demandware, an enterprise ecommerce platform. 

To help the business operate more efficiently through better tooling and easier access to critical data, we’re also building internal tools with:

  • NodeJS and Express microservices
  • Grunt
  • AWS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Mocha

More about us...

We care deeply about shipping early and often, automated testing, clean code, collaboration, and simplicity over complexity, and contributing to our communities.

We don’t like to guess. We make decisions based on data. We experiment and quickly iterate on the product.

We’re built on a solid foundation using modern development processes and tools, which we continuously evolve through retrospectives.

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M.Gemi is part of the LAUNCH portfolio.

LAUNCH builds first-ever businesses that change the way people shop.

LAUNCH was founded in 2013 by Ben Fischman & Ted McNamara, respected entrepreneurs behind several innovative businesses. LAUNCH is financed by private and institutional investors.

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