Motivo Engineering is hiring a

Systems Engineer

Gardena, United States

We are looking for a passionate, enthusiastic Systems Engineer who enjoys being part of a tight-knit multidisciplinary team. Motivo is a project-based small business focused on mechanical and electrical system design and prototype builds with an emphasis on integrated electro-mechanical assemblies with embedded electronics. We develop products in diverse market segments including mobility/automotive, medical/health, robotics, and clean energy.  Motivo specializes in taking concepts and designs through the conceptual and detailed engineering phases, solving complex engineering challenges along the way, and transitioning the initial concept/idea to a fully engineered solution.

What is a Systems Engineer?  At Motivo these are some of our most highly valued and versatile team members.  A System Engineer is someone who could complete an entire electromechanical project themselves from concept to fabrication.  We don’t actually expect you to do that, but you should have the skills to theoretically be able to.  The Systems Engineer typically works with a Project Manager and leads a small, focused team of engineers on a particular project.  The Systems Engineer is primarily responsible for envisioning how the project will be completed, defining the system architecture, identifying critical aspects, and leading the technical team to successful project completion.  The Systems Engineer should know enough about mechanical, electrical, and software engineering to speak intelligently about all of them and understand their interaction.  Additionally, a Motivo Systems Engineer should have the skills and knowledge to jump in and complete detailed work themselves.  If your background is mechanical, you should be able to design a complicated widget including CAD drawing creation and handoff to fabrication.  If your background is electrical, you should be able to pick up a PCB or control system effort, complete the design and documentation, and transition to board spin or technicians.  If your background is software / firmware, you should be able to work with the MEs/EEs on your team to clarify the low level I/O and start writing well commented code and then man the keyboard during live system testing.  The Motivo Systems Engineer position is the ideal role for an exceedingly sharp engineer who is insatiably curious about all aspects of engineering (mech, elec, soft) and wishes they could be involved in everything!

The ideal candidate will exhibit most of the following:

  • Three to seven years of professional engineering experience
  • Direct technical involvement on multiple prior electro-mechanical projects
  • Deep understanding of physics and control systems theory
  • Strong ability to take a customer’s desires/requirements and develop top level system architecture
  • Exceptional communication skills; able to present results and recommendations to internal and external customers
  • Strong ability to lead a team of engineers by first demonstrating technical prowess
  • Solutions and execution focused; schedule is critical because race day never moves!
  • Open to new ideas, challenges from the team, and redirection from customer
  • Strong ability to mentor less experienced colleagues
  • Extensive detailed design experience in either mechanical, electrical, or software
  • Strong ability to handle concurrent fast-paced projects with minimal direction
  • Familiarity and experience with high performance systems including the design process and components
  • Ability to generate technical drawings of systems, components, and interfaces
  • Experience with R&D, Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR), venture capital (VC), or similarly funded projects and work effort
  • Exceptional English speaking ability and good-for-an-engineer writing skills
  • Positive attitude and solutions oriented



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