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Intern/Fulltime - Backlinking and other Social Activity

Mumbai, India

Social Media


  • Add oneself on popular surgery related or open query groups like "Put me in Touch", activate group post notifications and daily actively screen for medical treatment queries, upon finding such queries answer convincingly and connect with our patient care team

  • Generate content specifically for these groups or post only relevant content on these groups to gain credibility. For informative queries or discussion, only incorporate blog link as CTA. For surgery need queries, only use Doctor Helpline No. referring to it as consult with their in house doctor for free.

  • Minimum one post (mostly blog) per week in each group to be followed for surgery specific group. This is not to be done with generic groups mentioned below as they will be treated as spam by members. Need not be PSTakeCare post, could be health news. Important is to maintain relevance and credibility.

Facebook Groups

Put Me In Touch with Bangalore - PMIT (Original)

Put Me In Touch With Bangalore

Put me in touch with Banagalore

Put me in touch

Put Me in Touch with Bangalore ( original )

Put me in touch with Bangalore

Put Me In Touch with Mumbai

Put Me In Touch Bangalore

Put me in touch- DELHI

Put Me In Touch - Delhi & Around

Put me in Touch - Kolkata ( Calcutta )

Women's Health Physiotherapy

Total Health and Wellness Warriors

Health Mania


LinkedIn Groups

Orthopaedic physical therapy

Sports physiotherapy

Indian Association of Physiotherapy

Breaking Sports Medicine News

Healthcare industry professionals group


Consumer complaint forums

Facebook reviews

Google reviews




Complaint list



Google alerts





  • Search for relevant backlinking channels and create authentic backlinks.

  • Start with Quora, Reddit, Yahoo Answers and ask me

  • Create 25 authentic backlinks min per day


  • Create downloadable PDF out of our blog and publish its link at the bottom of blog
  • Publish blog pdfs on Scribd, Slideshare and issuu

  • Search for guest blogger who could guest blog on our page for free

  • Search for blog site who could host our blog or share it

  • Write 70+ app reviews to be posted by teammates

  • Contact app reviewer and tech journalists to review our app (contacts in Deepak Abbot’s Slide)

  • Compile data of our facebook activities and draw insights from them


Remuneration: Open for Discussion

Shift: Day shift (flexible)

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