WeWork is hiring an

Associate Community Manager

Atlanta, United States

Goals & Objectives

  • Illustrate WeWork’s core values and strive to achieve our mission
  • Manage personnel to create a strong and unified team, including training CSAs and MPAs to ensure peak performance
  • Work with CM in making strategic decisions regarding the operational and financial aspects of building management
  • Identify, manage and perform critical tasks in furtherance of the following:
    • Creation of a collaborative community environment amongst our members through events and building relationships between members
    • Maintaining 100% occupancy of building and achieving sales goals
    • Ensuring that building is fully operational and processes are running smoothly
    • Driving growth and promotion of WeWork-provided service offerings

Duties & Responsibilities

Business Development

  • Develop and implement strategies for reaching out to local organizations and attending networking events to promote WeWork’s community and identify and recruit potential members
  • Develop and implement strategies for identifying businesses that could potentially benefit from WeWork’s services
  • Develop relationships with current and former members to generate business by reducing churn and exploring members’ business networks for new members
  • Work with CM and sales teams to create scalable processes for business development

Marketing & Sales

  • Identify the needs of potential (and current) members and recommend tailored solutions responsive to their needs
  • Research potential members and develop tailored marketing strategies and materials based on that research
  • Develop sales pitch(es) that distinguish WeWork from other options
  • Give customized and individualized tours based on research and knowledge of potential members’ businesses and needs
  • Train FDAs to give effective tours and sales pitches in case ACMs or CM are unavailable
  • Devise strategies with CM to meet and maintain target tour and conversion rates
  • Refer potential or existing members to other locations based on their specific needs
  • Develop and implement with CM and sales teams lead generation, tour and sales conversion strategies to maintain 100% occupancy 

Community Management & Events

  • Proactively gather data on members’ business objectives and identify both WeWork and member services that could help members achieve their objectives
  • Seek opportunities to engage members to discover and discuss members’ objectives, i.e. use member service request as an opportunity to learn more about member, member’s business and any other needs member may have
  • Identify opportunities and act on them to connect members
  • Educate and encourage members to use Member Network to explore greater WeWork community and be able to find resources and instructions so as to realize a higher level of self-sufficiency
  • Plan and supervise educational, professional and personal development events based on members’ needs and requests
  • Supervise in-building events for compliance with house rules and intercede or escalate issues as they arise
  • Design and formulate rules, guidelines and best practices for the community with goal of optimizing member experience
  • Make recommendations regarding best practices, including but not limited to: community management, sales, events, training, and member experience to CM
  • Exercise discretion in guiding prospective members, including possibly gatekeeping where business may not be in the interests of the greater community
  • Resolve member complaints regarding other members through neutral fact investigation and prepare recommendation for termination of membership when warranted
  • Explain WeWork policies and procedures to members, including but not limited to: membership agreement and billing procedures 

Building Management

  • Monitor Zendesk ticketing system to determine status of building operations and maintenance to ensure highest level of member experience
  • Conduct quality-control building walkthroughs to note immediate issues, pre-empt potential future issues, and identify areas for improvement
  • Generate leads and conduct tours to reach sales goals and work towards or maintain 100% building occupancy
  • Work on community initiatives designed to develop connections between members, including member introductions, curating events, and event follow-ups
  • Prepare building expense reports and budget for review by CM
  • Liaise with various corporate departments on behalf of members
  • Meet with members to discuss late fees and exiting from community
  • Prepare move-in and move-out schedule by creating and implementing plan for efficient move-in and move-out
  • Prepare daily, weekly and monthly progress reports on the community and identify areas for improvement

Personnel Management

  • Distribute and assign Zendesk tickets to FDAs, CSL, CSAs, MPAs, maintenance and IT and follow up to ensure timely resolution in addition to resolving escalated or complex issues
  • Train and supervise FDAs, CSL, CSAs and MPAs in their duties and responsibilities
  • Train and supervise interns on how to effectively support Community Management team

Experience & Requirements

  • College graduate with a four-year degree
  • Customer service and sales experience required
  • Project management and business operations experience a plus
  • Must have strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Exceptional organizational and multitasking skills
  • Demonstrate integrity, dependability, responsibility, accountability, self-awareness, work ethic, and empathy
  • Passion and understanding for entrepreneurial communities
  • Passion and understanding for WeWork mission and values
  • Proficient in basic computer skills

About WeWork

WeWork is the platform for creators, providing more than tens of thousands of members around the world with space, community and services that enable them to do what they love and create their life's work. Our mission is to create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living, and our own team members are central to that goal.

The WeWork team believes deeply in the power of “we” and in the movement we’re a part of. We challenge convention and achieve amazing things through dedication and collaboration. There is a contagious energy in our spaces as we work together toward accomplishing our goals.

Our hunger for building great spaces; empowering startups, freelancers, and small businesses; and connecting interesting people is far from being satisfied. We’re just getting started, and our journey gets increasingly exciting as more team members join the movement!

Below are the values that guide who we are and everything that we do. 


We do what we love and are connected to something greater than ourselves.


We are creators, leaders and self-starters. We try new things, we challenge convention, and we’re not afraid to fail.


We are genuine to our brand, mission and values. We’re not perfect and we don’t pretend to be. We are, though, always honest and as transparent as we can be. 


We never settle. We get sh*t done and we get it done well. We’re persistent and knock down walls—literally if we have to.


We are grateful for each other, our members, and to be part of this movement. We don’t take success for granted. We’re happy to be alive.


We are in this together. This is a team effort. We always look out for one another. We value empathy; we know we’re all human, and know we can’t do any of this alone.



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