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About Us BenevolentAI is one of the largest private AI companies in the world and the global leader in the development and application of AI for scientific innovation. The company is applying artificial intelligence to develop new medicines for hard to treat diseases. BenevolentAI currently employs 165 people who work in a unique, cross functional environment that incorporates leading edge data scientists, computer scientists, mathematicians and drug development R&D scientists working side by side. The company is headquartered in London with further offices in New York and Belgium. BenevolentAI’s research facility is located in Babraham Science Park, Cambridge (UK). Our Values Put Patients First Everything we do is geared to getting the right medicine to the right patient, faster We each know the impact we create every day in helping to deliver value to patients We place patient insights and and data at the heart of our work Break BoundariesWe deliberately cross traditional boundaries between technology and science, human and machine, to create unique approaches We fearlessly invite difficult questions and diverse opinions We relentlessly challenge assumptions and ask “why not?” Own the SolutionWe never hold back from contributing our point of view and taking responsibility, even beyond our domain expertise We say what we’re doing and we do what we’re saying We champion positivity and persistence, focusing on solutions, not problemsDrive to DeliveryWe use data to drive decision-making and deliver with the right level of validation We support each other in taking measured risks in order to innovate We prioritise ruthlessly and fixate on the fastest path to success

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