Hiring for 9 positions

We are a digital communication company and our magic lies in the service we provide. This means that we not only deliver exceptional technology but also care for our clients after they make the decision to buy our product. Our job is to create super cool tech but to also make others understand it. We want to be helpful and friendly and to offer support and handholding with clients for as long as they need it. We offer problem-solving without being corporate and consulting without being a consultancy. And even though we are proud of the digital wizardry that goes on at DrDoctor we aim to make tech sound easy to others. This is so that we can reach more people and spread our magic to even more places. Keeping things real elicits trust and makes us sound like we know what we’re doing (which we do). This is why our engineering team prefers to be called ‘The Nerds’ and our Sales and Marketing process channel is named Red Jet 7 (after a ferry…)

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