Greenlight Planet

Hiring for 20 positions

Greenlight Planet is on a mission to revolutionize rural energy access for the 1.5 billion off-grid villagers who use dangerous oil lamps for light. In 6 years we've sold >3 million solar lights to off-grid families in Asia and Africa—the latest 1.5 million customers acquired in the past year. Our products were recognized recently as 'the best solar lamp' in the Economist. Our products change lives, but they're expensive by village standards and so require more "push" in the absence of consumer "pull." We've built a massive sales force of trusted, village sales agents who evangelize our solar-powered lanterns in their community and build trust in our brand. At $35, our Sun King™ solar lanterns cost the equivalent of 1 months' wages for the average consumer. But in thousands of villages where our sellers operate, >30% of households have purchased our product and given up kerosene lighting forever.