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Vezeeta is a groundbreaking healthcare startup in MENA, with over three million users, a growing portfolio of products, and an expanding geographical footprint. As talent flocks to land in our nest, we single out the most promising caliber and set of skills that would add value and diversity to our team in the MENA region.Vezeeta’s disruptive strategy, proven working model, and strong financial backing from major Saudi, global, and regional investors, earned it a rank by Forbes as one of the top three startups in MENA. The company currently operates in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Nigeria, Kenya, Jordan, and Lebanon. And we’re far from done!Focused on improving the way healthcare services are deployed, for both patients and providers, Vezeeta revolutionized the healthcare industry. Using proprietary digital cloud-based solutions, the company transformed clinic and physician bookings by creating a singular platform enabling comprehensive access to healthcare providers of every specialty across a multitude of insurance purveyors and medical networks.Our vision is to create a ransforming experience for online healthcare access!If your mind bursts with original ideas, your genius is misunderstood, and you want to be in an environment that will challenge, inspire, and empower you, Vezeeta is the place for you. Apply to Vezeeta today to work in a trend-setting, game-changing company that will continue to disrupt the healthcare industry

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