ComeOn! is hiring an

Accounts & Payroll Manager

In our London office we are looking for someone like you to take on this exciting role and be the one to start our own in-house accounting and payroll processes. As the Internal Accountant, in a nutshell, you will be taking on these outsourced services while working closely with all members of staff in the office as well as our Finance teams in other offices. The role reports into the Director in London and the Head of Accounts of the company group.

At the start, you will be in charge to find the right systems to work with which best suit your and the business needs; research on software, evaluation, presenting your findings and choosing the one together with the Finance team. You will be the one shaping your work flow to make it easy to manage in house, with processes in place so that you can also go on holiday from time to time. :)

The role then involves both payroll and accounting tasks. Let’s break that down a bit; so yes, you will be in charge for the whole payroll process from start to finish. This means collecting all relevant information from the teams (expenses, overtime, sick, holidays, submission of returns etc.) to be able to run the payroll, then reviewing employee expense reports and ensuring all the receipts are in place. Liaising with team leaders and HR you will be getting all approvals for bonus payments and checking in, regarding new starters and leavers, respectively. You will be the go to person for all payroll queries at all times; you are thorough and get annoyed at yourself when a mistake is done as you know the repercussions of such mistakes and how frustrating this can be for others. That is why you do pay attention to details and take care to make sure that everything is checked over before pressing the pay-out button.

Moving on there’s the accountancy side to it too, this involves the processing of payments (invoices, approvals, pending invoice updates, etc.); posting of invoices and other transactions into the accounting software in order to produce the financial statements.

Weekly and monthly posting of bank account transactions including petty cash is a standard together with monthly reconciliations of all bank accounts as well as monthly reporting. Anything related to accounts and pay will be on your plate from general administrative and accounting duties to more challenging tasks such as assisting in the preparation of financial statements and liaising with external auditors. You will also be required to complete VAT Returns and other statutory returns.

In this role you shall be involved in assisting senior management with budget and forecast calculations. As well as preparing ad hoc reporting as and when needed. You shall be an extension to the Finance team and be the expert of all that happens in the London office, supporting them as required.