LiveLike is hiring an

Administrative Specialist

New York, United States
...Swiss Army Knife? Nice try. Think Swiss Army Machete!

With a budding technology in a brand new industry, we need a central point of stability and organization. That’s where our Office Manager comes in. You’ve got the mental fortitude to keep things on task and to keep our team prepared for our next undertaking. You’re not afraid of ambiguity, nay, you’re empowered by it. With LiveLike’s constant stream of new clients and continuous preparation to take on new sports and games, there are no small tasks at hand here. That shouldn’t matter much though, because you…you’re a rockstar.

LiveLike is a funded and well-endorsed live sports VR startup. We, at our hearts, are a big group of nerds, sports fanatics, and generally loveable people. We're as passionate about VR, as we are about most things and our team has access to every major VR system, and so will you. We've worked extremely hard to get where we are right now but we wholly embrace the laid back but "get shit done" culture. Not only are we cool we've done good work too. Partnering most notably with FOX Sports to tackle a couple major firsts in VR and continuing to push the frontier of sports and VR. On top of that we've got a handful of other accolades, but we can discuss that later. For now, onto the job...