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Target Hours: 15 hours/week


Theft Detection Specialist analyzes daily, algorithm-driven online reports of potential theft in quick service restaurants to identify employee theft, problem employees, and problem practices. Sites (restaurants) are assigned on a weekly basis, and at each site the analyst scans videos/transactions flagged by algorithms, searching for suspicious transactions with highest potential for theft. The analyst views videos and creates incidents whenever sources of theft, loss, or operational issues have been identified. A final incident report is created in order to communicate to franchisees where they may be losing profits.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Theftspot Review Assignments and Communication with ERT
    • Effective and efficient completion of each review assignment within time bounds
    • Effective and efficient completion of weekly review assignments within weekly deadline
    • Professional/technical write up of Incident and Review summaries as directed in the review protocol for customer reports
    • Assist in quality control of Next Wave reports by communicating any technical issues discovered as directed in the ERT review protocol
    • Maintain regular communication with ERT as directed in the ERT Review protocol
    • Keep current with weekly ERT news updates in the weekly ERT Essentials that is distributed with the weekly schedule
    • Maintain ongoing communication with the team for clarity, collaboration, and direction as needed
    • Provide exceptional client service
  • Development/Training                                    
    • Successful completion of training process from new analyst to verifying analyst within 1st year
    • Keep current with any ERT in-service/meeting updates and any other ERT development/process changes and updates
    • Provide constructive feedback on process as requested and as needed
    • Develop and maintain a customer focus while completing NW assignments


The successful candidate will demonstrate:

  • Superb attention to detail
  • Ability to detect patterns
  • Excellent problem solving ability and persistence in working through puzzles
  • Enjoyment learning new things and patience with a learning curve
  • Ability to work systematically through assignments following a set protocol
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills including frequent and regular communication following the company’s communication protocol
  • Ability to pro-actively ask questions and respond well to ongoing feedback
  • Ability to work autonomously as well as collaboratively with a remote team
  • Excellent time management to consistently meet deadlines within a flexible weekly schedule while turning in quality work
  • Adaptability when processes change and improve
  • General Computer Competency
  • Requires approximately 12-15 hours per week, parsed out through the week to work no more than 2-3 hours per sitting to maximize effectiveness
  • Anticipate available employment for at least one year


  • Reliable computer with adequate screen size
  • Reliable and fast internet service
  • Home office or work space


  • BA/BS preferred