GitHub is hiring an

Application Engineering Intern

San Francisco, United States

A GitHub Application Engineer builds the products that millions of engineers use to build software together. Your work comprises the 'surface' of GitHub; your code connects a developer to the greater GitHub Universe where they learn, grow and collaborate.

Our days are spent working with a diverse team of Product, Design, InfoSec, and Platform Eng humans all bent on building the best developer experience on the planet.

You will be challenged to build better software daily and charged with making the experience of building software better. We take pride in openness, collaboration, and great coding practices.

Application Engineering at GitHub is composed of a number distinct teams with specific areas of focus; our intern program selects for two of these teams specifically: Identity (Social) and Workflow (Code).

If you're committing code, reviewing a pull request, or triaging issues -- your experience is powered by the Workflow team.

If you're browsing your contributions graph, following a prolific contributor, or interrogating your friend's timeline -- your experience is brought to you by the Engineers in Identity

During your 9 week internship, you will be working with team members in person at our San Francisco office as well as remote members from across the globe.