AirMap is hiring an

Application Security Engineer

Santa Monica, United States

The Application Security Engineer works collaboratively with other members of the AirMap team to help secure software and develop security algorithms to help protect AirMap’s dynamic, global, real-time geospatial database of airspace and flight information.

 Attributes of an AirMap Application Security Engineer

  • You know how to integrate software security into the software development lifecycle.
  • You understand how to develop secure coding guidelines and how to effectively train developers on those guidelines.
  • You care about ensuring the number of software vulnerabilities are minimized by using both static as well as dynamic analysis to include Fuzz testing and penetration testing of applications.
  • You care about the integrity of the data we provide and will help develop integrity checks to ensure the data is accurate. You know how to develop production security algorithms to help protect our users and data.
  • You’re a doer – you lead by example and are excited by the opportunity to secure applications.
  • You have extensive experience with programing languages such as Python, and JavaScript.
  • You’re a good problem solver and a good communicator.


Bonus Points if…

  • You like aviation and drones!
  • You’re proficient with AWS.