TrueVault is hiring an

Application Security Engineer

Redwood City, United States

TrueVault is an off-premise, secure data store that enterprises rely on to make their products immediately secure. TrueVault is engineered to store mission critical and highly sensitive data from verticals like healthcare, aviation, banking and the Internet of Things. Within the decade, every object on the planet will be connected to the internet and generating data. Our team is ambitiously working on a secure database for the future. Join our entrepreneurial team if this interests you.
As an Application Security Engineer, you'll work with engineering teams across TrueVault to establish and improve the security of our entire suite of products at every step of the development lifecycle. You will act as both a builder -- creating tools to help our engineers write more secure code, performing code reviews across all TrueVault products and platforms and provide detailed issue remediation guidance, and a breaker -- performing application penetration and security functional testing and work with external vendors to support 3rd party security reviews. You will be a subject matter expert for all things application security at TrueVault and participate in software architectural and design discussions. You will plan, build and deploy infrastructure to help our engineers detect and remediate vulnerabilities automatically.
This is an opportunity to join TrueVault at the ground level. You will have the opportunity to make a direct impact on our core product and you will have full ownership of your role. You will establish application security standards for code quality, hash functions, cryptography, and key material handling while developing processes and tools to identify security flaws in code.