Vox Media is hiring an

Assistant NBA Editor

Washington, United States

SB Nation is looking for a talented assistant NBA editor to help organize, promote and improve content that enriches the way fans consume this beautiful game. We’re seeking someone that has the editing discipline to improve stories, the creativity to package them effectively for our readers and the big-picture perspective to discover new angles on topics that haven’t been given enough attention elsewhere. If you’re driven to produce basketball journalism that rises above the fray, we’re looking for YOU.

Our focus is using original voices to create engaging stories that speak directly to the passions of our audience. SB Nation is the fastest growing online sports media brand and the largest network of more than 300 individual fan-centric sports communities. Our reach extends across all sports and all fan communities. We are getting bigger and we want you to help make sure we're getting better, too.

We’re looking for someone with:

  • Extensive familiarity, comfort and experience writing and editing stories in content management systems
  • A strong track record of working directly with writers to improve their pieces while preserving their individual voice
  • A history of identifying unique stories and angles before they hit the mainstream
  • An ability to use Photoshop and/or other multimedia programs to create visualizations of reported data and original graphics for distribution on social media.
  • An understanding of how to uniquely package stories for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other emerging social media platforms.
  • A flexible schedule, as this position will include some nights and weekends. Basketball never stops!

What you’d be doing:

  • Editing a selection of daily stories across a variety of basketball-related topics
  • Working hands-on with individual writers to develop story ideas, push their angles in the right direction and edit copy for clarity
  • Managing and creating original content for platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat
  • Spearheading coverage of live events, both on the site and across various social media platforms
  • Supporting the NBA editor with content planning, story assigning and editorial strategy

This is a full time position and may be located in D.C., New York or remote. Salary is commensurate with experience.

To apply send us your resume, a 140-character cover letter and three examples of stories, videos or projects that you helped coordinate (these can be urls or attachments). Also give us an original graphic that describes the feeling of playing against the Warriors this season.