Eventbrite is hiring an

Associate Data Scientist

San Francisco, United States

We are in exciting times here at Eventbrite where the Analytics & Data Science team is making a tremendous impact and the work we are doing is in high demand. We are a growing marketplace where understanding the relationship between supply and demand is the essence of what we do.  We are looking for an expert analyst that will work directly with our Customer Support team while collaborating across Product, Marketing and Sales to identify what business outcomes the company can impact and can clearly articulate those insights to the business.

The business decisions we make as our product grows and evolves are guided by careful analysis and compelling insights from our Analytics & Data Science team. We sit in a strategic role that not only works to make sense of our structured and unstructured customer data with sophisticated models and data mining techniques, but also conducts in-depth analyses that inform business strategy and help the company make data driven decisions.

You’ll serve as an advocate and promoter of our data-driven culture and work closely with the Customer Support team and collaborate across the Product, Engineering, Marketing, Strategy, and Sales teams to help them use insights that will direct their efforts towards initiatives with the largest impact. You will provide guidance on new methodologies and analytical approaches and synthesize analysis and results into compelling storylines that you will communicate directly to decision makers throughout Eventbrite. We’re looking for someone eager to learn and hone their analytical thought process while building an understanding of our business inside and out.