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Associate - Design Research(Bangalore)

Bengaluru, India

Design research is one of the foundations of our practice, finding applications in almost all aspects of consulting and independent work of the studio. While we are open to considering applications from a variety of design disciplines pertinent to our work (service design, industrial design, interaction design amongst those most relevant to this profile) as well as disciplines such as sociology and anthropology, we are looking for individuals who are able to demonstrate a clear understanding of design research and systems design and an ability to express project outputs through a combination of conceptual sketches, storyboards, lo-fi prototypes and other forms of visualisation.

Some specific responsibilities of this role are: 

Planning and leading design research studies

  • Develop iterative design, research and testing plans leading to the desired project outcomes, in response to project briefs
  • Design discussion guides, research probes, tools and participatory exercises with research subjects
  • Lead and facilitate in-field conversations and discussions
  • Facilitate co-creation sessions and workshops with a variety of stakeholders
  • Manage research logistics (travel schedules, participant recruitments, research rewards, consent etc) 
  • Document in-field findings through note-taking, rapid sketches and the use of rich media like film and photography
  • Supplement primary research with secondary research and analysis

 Synthesis and concept development

  • Use a variety of tools such as personas, journey maps, system maps, affinity clusters etc to synthesise research findings and distill user insights
  • Develop user-centered design solutions for the given problem statement
  • Apply rapid visualisation, prototyping and concept development skills to express emerging solutions in the form of storyboards, scenarios, design fiction, sketches, data visualizations etc.
  • Work with team members, external partners and vendors to collaboratively develop design solutions and express solution concepts

Presentations and report writing 

  • Create infographics, presentations, and written reports as part of interim and final project outputs


Successful candidates will be passionate about exploring aspects of the world through a critical and constructive eye. You’d be an extremely talented design researcher, with good observation, interaction skills and a co-creation attitude.

Some specific qualifications you would need to have are:

  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in design/ ethnography/ sociology/ visual anthropology from a leading program in India or abroad with a specific focus on research 
  • 1-3 years of professional practice in your chosen fields
  • High level of skills and experience with design research tools and methods
  • High level of  skills in some foundational design softwares such as those in the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Skills in design and development of research-based media - reports, summaries, books, online content, infographics, funding proposals, design development research, rich media based content and so on
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English. Knowledge of any other Indian languages would be a definite plus but is not mandatory
  • Ability to think critically and have exceptional attention to detail
  • A nuanced understanding of applied research and to drive actionable research outcomes
  • Evidence of experimentation with research ideologies, tools and approaches.
  • Some evidence of independent creative work would be viewed very positively
  • A roll-up-your-sleeves attitude towards your work  


The position will be based in Bangalore, India. It will also involve a chance to meet and work with people and communities across the spectrum for projects, as well as travel to workshops, client meetings and the occasional company offsite! 


A compensation package commensurate with your skills and experience will be designed for you.

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