Upworthy is hiring an

Associate Producer, Optimization, Audience Development

At Upworthy, our mission is to drive massive amounts of attention to the topics that matter most. In our first two and a half years, we've built a subscriber community of more than 9 million around meaningful web content. As we move into 2016, we're looking to expand our footprint and take our audience growth to the next level. 

The Opportunity

In your heart, it’s obvious; there is a direct relationship between creative and data. Yes, you are a creative and you know what it takes to succeed there. But you also know that in today’s Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat driven work, it’s equally about the data. It’s this unique understanding of science and art that makes you the perfect for this job.

Upworthy is hiring an Associate Producer, Optimization, Audience Development to help us reach millions of people with meaningful, compelling video content. Did I say millions? I actually meant Billions. Yep, we are on a mission to grow and we are not afraid of what that means.  In this role, and under the supervision of the Senior Producer, Team Lead, Audience Development you'll work closely with a team of other AP Optimizers and Programming Producers as well as with the Video team to grow our audiences across video distribution platforms.


  • Master the art of video optimization and testing
  • Know your audiences, master their behavior, their interests and what turns them on
  • Know your Upworthy content, do the math of what kind of content plays best with which audiences and dazzle your manager with your ability to make things go viral in testing
  • Conduct video optimization tests to identify key performance metrics and suggest adjustments to videos aimed at improving views and shares. 
  • Maintain your testing quota on a daily and weekly basis
  • Find efficiencies in the testing process and share them with your manager and peers
  • Report out your findings in a way that the story team and the testing team learn, retain your learnings in an organized and accessible manner and be ready to share long-term learnings with the team at a moments notice

  Skills required:

  • Analytical reasoning and heat-seeking: You use data to figure out what’s working and what isn’t, and you direct strategy accordingly.
  • Creative thinking and hunger to learn: We're exploring new platforms and learning something new every day. The ability to generate new ideas and learn from experimentation is key. 
  • Communication: This role will be highly collaborative. The ability to convey learnings clearly and direct new strategy is critical.  
  • Tech skills and Internet savvy: You know your way around the Internet and are comfortable working in a virtual environment.
  • Ability to thrive in a dynamic, mission-driven, distributed-office environment.
  • Basic video editing skills are a plus.


  • BA/BS degree or equivalent working experience.
  • 2-5 years in production and/or analytics, ideally both
  • Fluent in all things internet, including emerging platforms, trends, technology
  • Experience with analytic techniques, statistical modeling, and web analytics technologies.
  • Ability to extract meaning and suggest action items from data, not just report metrics.
  • Excellent communications skills when working with teammates who may be either data-driven or more qualitative.
  • Expert in Omniture, Google Analytics, Excel, Microsoft office, Google Docs and all social media platforms, at a minimum.
  • Deep understanding of web-related behaviors and trends