Rapid7 is hiring an

Associate SOC Analyst

Dublin, Ireland

Do you enjoy detecting and investigating unusual activity, identifying indicators of compromise, and chasing attackers? Do you pride yourself on developing methods for identifying and analyzing breaches? Do you feel compelled to help organizations improve their abilities to effectively detect threats and drive incident response?

Rapid7’s Managed Detection and Response service offers the opportunity to detect breaches, respond and investigate attacker activity, and help our customers improve their abilities to deal with threats. Our MDR Analysts pride themselves with their ability to think critically, adapt to constantly changing attack methodologies and deliver top-notch Threat Detection and Incident Response services. Are you prepared to take on today’s most sophisticated attackers?

Job Responsibilities:

  • Deliver world class threat detection services using traditional threat intelligence based detection, user behavior analytics, and attacker behavior analysis
  • Work on shift as part of a tiered threat detection team in the Rapid7 SOC
  • Assist the Rapid7 Incident Response team in investigating breaches
  • Assist in capturing and deploying knowledge of attack methodologies
  • Drive research initiatives to further threat detection capabilities and brand reputation through media interaction, public speaking, and blogs
  • Provide continuous input to Rapid7 product development teams
  • Actively participate within Rapid7 Community and Security Industry as advocate and advisor

Job Requirements:

  • Experience with network analysis, endpoint analysis, malware analysis, and incident response
  • Experience configuring and reviewing security applications such as Security Information and Event (SIEM)/ Log Management systems, IDS/IPS, Anti-Virus, and other endpoint threat detection technology preferred but not required
    Experience working in a technical IT role desirable but not required
  • Experience working in a SOC or NOC environment preferred but not required.
  • Master of Science, Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in Engineering, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Digital Investigation & Forensic Computing or related field
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills
  • Willingness to work on a shift schedule, including nights and weekends
  • Great passion and highly self-motivated by security research

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