Shape Security is hiring an

Automation Engineer

Mountain View, United States
Shape develops a sophisticated platform for battling automated attacks on web sites. Developing automation to test a platform whose purpose is to defeat automation is quite a challenging problem, and one critical to Shape’s success. We are looking for individuals up for that challenge.

The primary role of an Automation Engineer at Shape Security is to:

  • Design and implement tests using an in-house framework that validates that the behavior of Shape's web security appliance in the context of various real-world deployment scenarios.
  • Be responsible for working with a number of other groups within Shape to effect the highest possible quality and coverage of the code base.
  • Interface with the development teams early to understand and explore new features as they are being developed, identifying key concepts and acceptance tests.
  • Be very hands-on with the system's countermeasures: learning how to deploy custom security policies, simulating carefully crafted attacks, examining network traffic, sifting through forensics data.
  • Understand which regression/corner-case tests have yet to be covered, and how to best automate the testing of them.
  • Regularly identify gaps between what the in-house automation framework supports and what is required for the automated testing of a given feature.
  • As a Automation Engineer becomes familiar with the in-house framework, they may contribute changes to the framework that support a given area of testing which they are currently working on.

In addition to contributing tests into the automated suite, Automation Engineers at Shape can also be expected to:

  • Configure, maintain and monitor continuous integration jobs.
  • Open JIRA tickets against issues that are uncovered by failing tests.
  • Maintain the current suite of tests as features evolve.
  • Contribute to developing conventions and best practices for test authoring at Shape.
  • Become domain experts on Shape’s product suite.

As an Automation Engineer at Shape, there are many opportunities for a discerning engineer to improve our product not only by identifying bugs, but by recognizing possible implementation improvements or overlooked design flaws. As they become familiar with the in-house framework, they may also contribute changes to the framework that support a given area of testing which they are currently working on. Come join us!