Growbots is hiring a

Back-end Developer

Warsaw, Poland

We are Growbots - a proud member of 500 Startups, one of the best startup accelerators in the U.S. We are a Warsaw/San Francisco-based startup whose core mission is to automate the sales development process, using our proprietary A.I. We believe that we can harness the infinite power of machine learning to revolutionize the world. Only recently we have been featured in media across the world, eg. in Forbes and Inc.

Today we are looking for an experienced Developer who will help us to make our product even more awesome!

Things we strongly believe in:

  • It's not done until it's working for our client
  • highly aligned, highly autonomous, cross-functional teams
  • leaders communicating problems, not giving orders
  • responsibility assignment and explicit requirements for every project
  • constant learning and knowledge sharing
  • openness to new technologies and new ideas
  • Python is currently the most frequently used language in our system – we use Flask and Celery. For data storage we use mainly MySQL, PostgreSQL and ElasticSearch. We use RabbitMQ as a message queue broker. We have constructed a modular system using REST APIs to communicate between applications. Among others, we use HTML5, JS, React and Redux on the front-end.

    We work as an agile team. Kanban keeps our flow lightweight and efficient. We take lean startup-like experiments to decide next direction. Frequent retrospectives give us clarity for most emerging inefficiencies. Pair programming and code reviews help us in keeping the code quality.

    We deploy our environments on Google Cloud, often several times a day, using Docker and Nomad.

  • experience in working with big data and NoSQL databases (preferably ElasticSearch)
  • experience with DevOps
  • knowledge of Docker, Ansible, RabbitMQ
  • experience in implementing real-time web apps
  • open source contributions