Atomic is hiring a

Backend Engineer

Kitchener, Canada


What makes a great conversation? How about an effective sales pitch? TalkIQ uses the state of the art in machine learning, speech recognition and natural language processing to tackle these questions. We are an enterprise speech analytics solution, built around our own telephony stack coupled with proprietary speech recognition and seamlessly integrated into, the leading sales CRM tool.



We are:

Motivated: We are more interested in creating lasting value for our customers than just creating hype.
Scientific: We wrangle vast amounts data to make well informed decisions.
Pragmatic: We pick the right tool for the job.
Learners: We want everyone to become better engineers than they were before they joined. Learning from our experiences and from each other is always a priority.

You are:

Driven: You are motivated by opportunities to make a huge impact on the company’s growth.
Proficient: Your experience with the tools we use is nice. Your skill with lots of tools is better.
Adaptable: You aren't afraid to switch between frontend and backend when it’s needed.
Independent: You don’t need much direction because you tend to direct yourself.

We use:

Languages: Primarily Python and Clojure
Data: PostgreSQL, S3, RabbitMQ, Redis, ElasticSearch
Operations: AWS, SoftLayer, Heroku, Docker, Ansible
Also: Linux, Git, and lots of VOIP

We offer:

Competitive compensation including meaningful equity and benefits.
An open, collaborative, fun work environment and a chance to learn from other early stage startups in the Tannery building.