Lever is hiring a

Backend Systems Engineer

San Francisco, United States
Own improvements to existing services as Lever scales to increasing usage and increasingly large enterprise accounts. Identify and anticipate performance bottlenecks across all Lever services and applications. Establish best practices, bridging between platform and product engineering.

Backend engineering is part of Lever's small platform engineering team that works directly with our CTO. Backend engineers improve the overall performance, reliability, and ability to measure existing systems. They collaborate with the product engineering team, who own full stack implementation of new features.

You will be able to teach peers patterns and best practices for production systems learned in previous roles as well as those gained from a broad understanding of Lever systems. At the same time, you'll learn from the unique challenges operating a large scale realtime, eventually consistent data model. Our applications are powered by ShareDB, our distributed realtime application backend. ShareDB syncs all data via Operational Transformation, the same algorithm that powers Google Docs.

Improve user experience and engagement via performance and reliability improvements, help product engineering to continue focusing on feature innovation and product differentiation, and level up in a broad range of technical and communication skills.

JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, DerbyJS, ShareDB, IMAP, SMTP, Gmail and Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, AWS


  • Complete Lever’s new-hire training week (a.k.a. Ramp Camp), and learn what it means to build a powerful recruiting platform.
  • Ramp up on Lever’s engineering stack by pair-programming with your teammates and attending engineering training sessions designed and presented by your peers.
  • Complete your engineering starter project and deploy your first changes to production!


  • Implement more efficient real-time indexing pipeline from MongoDB into Elasticsearch
  • Implement on demand reindexing of Elasticsearch for an account or all accounts without interruption of service


  • Write improved data migrations framework
  • Measure capacity and latency of email sync service, project upcoming needs based on historical growth, and increase throughput to handle needs for 12 months from now
  • Update reporting data pipeline to use continuous MongoDB oplog tailing
  • Work closely with product engineering to educate on best practices: how to write efficient database queries, patterns for more performant tasks, identify performance bottlenecks for large customer accounts (i.e. how to write derby components performantly)


  • Provide input in architecture reviews of new features
  • Analyze data sent across the wire to clients and propose largest impact ways to reduce data size
  • Profile and optimize most expensive taskqueue jobs and crons
  • Optimize search and database query performance
  • Define tools and standards for product engineering to measure performance impact of releases


  • Replace current long polling connection library with better supported library, such as SockJS
  • Optimize API for large accounts and increasing volume of operations
  • Extrapolate trends in data use, load, etc. to anticipate upcoming bottlenecks
  • Identify data quality issues and write internal tools to improve data consistency

Lever builds modern recruiting software for teams to source, interview, and hire top talent. Our team strives to set a new bar for enterprise software with modern, well-designed, real-time apps. We participated in Y Combinator in summer 2012, and since then have raised $73 million. As the applicant tracking system of choice for Netflix, Lyft, Eventbrite, ClearSlide, change.org, and thousands more leading companies.

Under the hood, we're a technology company with a powerful open-source web framework: DerbyJS. It is the first and only open-source MVC framework that syncs all data via an Operational Transformation backend, using the same algorithm that powers Google Docs. DerbyJS is also uniquely optimized to render everything on the server as well as the client.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace committed to building a team culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion. Take an inside look into life at Lever or learn more about what Lever Engineering is up to on the Engineering Blog.