Helix is hiring a

Bioinformatics Pipeline Engineer

San Carlos, United States

The Helix Bioinformatics team is seeking passionate and motivated individuals to join our cross-functional team to develop and apply cutting-edge approaches to processing, analyzing, annotating, and interpreting population-scale human genome sequence data. You will work closely with lab operations, research informatics, engineering, and custom products to create our world-class genomics platform.  If you like the idea of establishing and optimizing a state-of-the-art production-scale clinical NGS-laboratory, and changing the way everyone understands their DNA, then this is the ideal opportunity for you.

At Helix your responsibilities may include:

  • Creating and maintaining a robust, production-quality pipeline for processing high-volume next-generation sequencing data
  • Optimizing perfomance and reliability of large-scale analysis pipelines
  • Designing, implementing, and testing novel and reproducible NGS analysis pipelines
  • Working with the Lab to create production-level pipeline health monitoring system
  • Migrating from R&D to production-quality code
  • Implementing and documenting processes for regulatory purposes

What we're looking for:

  • MS or BS with equivalent experience in Computer Science, Bioinformatics, or related field
  • Experience with development and management of workflows and pipelines in production environments
  • Experience with high performance computing environments and/or cloud-based environments
  • Experience with container technology such as Docker
  • Experience working with human WES or WGS data
  • Quantitative training with basic understanding of probability and statistics
  • Ability to be self-driven and work well together in a cross-functional and interdisciplinary team
  • Proficiency in Unix environments
  • Extensive programming experience in scripting languages such as Perl, Python, or Ruby
  • Familiar with application-level programming languages such as Java or C/C++
  • Experience developing APIs and SDKs
  • Responsive to feedback
  • Keen attention to detail