Cellply is hiring a

Biomedical/Microsystem Engineer

We are seeking qualified applicants for the position of Biomedical/Microsystem Scientist. The candidate will work within a highly motivated and diverse team of professionals to develop complex medical devices and diagnostic tools for Life Science applications. The candidate will work on the design, implementation, engineering and testing of microsystems/microfluidic systems. These microsystems will be integrated into a diagnostic platform aimed at testing drug response on ex-vivo biological samples and tissues on selected solid tumors. Final goal is the extraction of highly-valuable information to be used in the clinic, diagnostic, prognostic and predictive environment.


  • Design, implementation, engineering and testing of microsystems and/or microfluidis systems
  • Perform experimental work including hands-on tests both on preclinical and clinical models of seleceted solid tumors
  • Develop new methods for the evaluation of cancer cell death and signaling induced by anticancer drugs on solid tumor samples from patients
  • Optimize methods performance and their integration in clinical workflow
  • Work effectively in multidisciplinary team including engineering and computational sciences, addressing diverse scientific and technical questions
  • Confidence with microfluidic systems and microscopy
  • Experience with high-content cell imaging, 3D imaging, automated imaging platforms
  • Knowledge of 3D tumor microtissue and organoid cell culture techniques
  • Experience in image-based assays for cell analysis
  • Experience with Multiphysics-FEM simulation tools
  • Knowledge of microfabrication techniques (microstructures, electrodes, etc..) and material properties (optical properties, surface treatments, etc..)
  • Knowledge of automation, image analysis algorithms, bioinformatics will be considered a plus
  • A proven record of work published in reputable scientific journals
  • Ability to work in cross-functional, multi-disciplinary teams
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment