Swoon Editions is hiring a

Buying Analyst

London, United Kingdom

We’re on the hunt for an exceptional analyst who can help us deliver the future of retail – to precisely calculate the future demand for every product. This represents the retail Holy Grail of reducing out-of-stock rates without increasing inventory.

Using predictive analytics you’ll build new forecasting methods that boost our sales and reduce stock. Each day you’ll be providing order proposals for the entire range, considering complex supply chain constraints like minimum order quantities and production lead times. You’ll also figure out a way to automate the re-order process with our technology team.

All your decisions will make use of internal data related to historic sales and upcoming marketing campaigns as well as external data like competitor information, and even the weather. This will enable us to rapidly respond to changing market dynamics.

Alongside this you’ll be responsible for price optimisation – helping us to understand the price elasticity for every product. This will enable us to set the right prices at the right time – to grow revenue, maximise profit or shift slow selling products.


  • Building new forecasting methods
  • Making order proposals
  • Automating the re-order process
  • Understanding price elasticity of every product
  • Making price change recommendations based upon product lifecycle and objectives
  • Recommending the profile of new products (style/price/category) to meet future demand