Galvanize is hiring a

Career Services Manager

San Francisco, United States

At Galvanize, we're building the industry-focused educational institute of the future - where students learn through practical, hands-on problem solving. In our training programs in data science, software engineering, and data engineering, we focus on teach the skills that maximize graduate hire ability. Employers that have hired fresh graduates of our programs include Facebook, Twitter, Tesla, Airbnb, Uber, IBM, the Phoenix Suns, and 100 more.

Our Career Services Manager is responsible for high-quality job outcomes for all of our graduates through training engineers to improve their business skills. The Career Services Manager is a teacher and mentor to our students, training them to hack the job search process, communicate selling points, negotiate salary, and more. The person in this role will own a lot of responsibility quickly inside our fast-growing San Francisco campus.

Galvanize Career Services Team members draw from backgrounds in business development, marketing, teaching, account management, venture capital, and more. We coach our alumni until they're hired, building high-quality relationships, delivering excellent customer service, and producing a jaw-dropping Placement Rate of Galvanize graduates. Our team is adaptable, personable, entrepreneurial, and we like Slack emojis. Join us in building the future of education.