Sendence is hiring a

Chaos Engineer


Sendence is a small but fast growing company, backed with revenue. We're building a real-time message-processing platform to operate at low latency, with resiliency and consistency. We use the best tools to analyze and react to our data. We're looking to scale our current platform, built on open source technologies like Kafka and Storm, to over a million messages per second. We believe in open source and strive to build on these technologies and contribute back to the projects we use. Additionally, we will be looking for opportunities to share code created at Sendence and help the community at large. Our team is 10 people but we are looking to grow to close to 20 by the end of the year. We have a lot of green field problems and the chance for each new team member to make a lasting impact on our technology and culture.

We're passionate about the team we work with and the tools we use to realize our vision. Sendence is looking for a chaos engineer to join our team. Our culture values smart people with good ideas and high energy. The most important qualifications for us are that you’re driven to solve problems, learn concepts and skills quickly, believe in writing maintainable code, and enjoy collaborating. In this role, you will be responsible for bringing your knowledge of distributed systems to bear on one of our most difficult problems: verification. We need to be able to break our system in a variety of automated ways, record the results, fix the problems found and be able to verify in the future that we don't have regressions. If you've read Kyle Kingsbury's 'Call me maybe' series and thought, "I'd love a job like that", now is your chance.