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Chargeback Analyst

We are looking for a Chargeback Analyst to join the almighty payments and fraud team at ComeOn! We hope you know a little bit about Chargebacks already... in a nut shell though, this role is geared to maximise our profits to their full potential! How?

You will have an important function by connecting dots and pieces and make a difference where it really counts. Having a good overview of the processes relating to chargebacks it is essential to overturn the disputes. You need to have at least 2 years of experience in a fraud related role and a high level of knowledge to be able to deal with providers and chargeback standards from all the territories that we operate in. An eye for detail, paired with a meticulous approach to analysing past and current trends is a must. You must be able to take key decisions to balance the security we enforce on players versus the effect and growth of the business.

Daily tasks summed up include:

  • Making sure that all disputes, RFIs and CHBs with the payment providers are accurately registered, processed and corrected in a timely manner
  • Presenting chargeback related data such as percentages, chargeback rates, costs per provider, spread per brand to the line manager on a regular basis
  • Analysing different data across all brands from past chargebacks to find trends and outline risks
  • Setting up and maintaining a live record of fraud trends to be shared with the payments and fraud team frequently
  • Trying to minimize the financial loss of chargebacks by actively contacting players and disputing chargebacks
  • Liaising with the Line and Fraud manager by making suggestions to improve the fraud procedures
  • Maintaining an open dialogue with providers regarding any disputes
  • Keeping up to date on industry information, Visa and MasterCard regulations, new products, enhancements, system changes and compliance issues
  • Ad hoc tasks given to support the Payment and Fraud team

What will your goals be?

A successful chargeback analyst will be able to process and successfully dispute incoming chargebacks where possible; as well as analyse and discover reoccurring trends and patterns, offering possible improvements, to keep the fraud levels and chargeback rates down.


So you've worked in within online gaming for at least a year and have a couple of years under your belt in a fraud related role. What else is needed to be successful in this role? We are after someone who also has:

  • Good Excel knowledge
  • Good verbal and written English and communication skills
  • It’s a plus if you have previous chargeback experience
  • Meticulous and analytical with an eye for detail
  • Ability to work as part of a team while taking a lot of own responsibility

Got them all? Then let us know today :)


At ComeOn we put a lot of trust in every individual, we know that if we get the tools and space to do what we do best, we will be both happy and deliver great things. This is why we have some of the greatest minds in the industry working here.

Working hard also means that we need to be able to recharge our batteries once in a while, this is the reason why we want our office atmosphere to be relaxed and cosy, come by and challenge us in a game of ping pong or Fifa and if you're not into that, a studio session at the local gym or a cold drink from the fridge on a Friday late afternoon might be your type of melody.

I’m interested, what do I do next?

Waste no time and send your application expressing your interest and why you want to work for us today by sending your CV and cover letter and applying here below.

Applications might take a few weeks to review so please stay cool. We shall get back to you ;)

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