InMotion is hiring a

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

London, United Kingdom

What we’re looking for

We are hiring a Head of Technical, our CTO, to lead, develop and deliver the InMotion technology stack and platform components to enable accelerated development of ventures, providing technical leadership and expertise from idea to exit, supporting activities in the Lab and ventures growth in the Incubator

As our CTO, you will help InMotion break new ground, create and test new concepts and work with multiple ventures to help develop their tech stack to a common software architecture to accelerate our growth. You’ll play a lead role in establishing one of the most innovative corporate innovation units dedicated to smart transportation and mobility.

You will lead a collaborative team of technical and design specialists, to develop the full technology stack for InMotion, its activities and range of ventures. You’ll be involved across the innovation process, from idea to MVP, developing alpha and beta products and core components of our software architecture to make our operations run, run fast and constantly move forward to accommodate the range of ventures we develop.

You will act as the technical bridge back to Jaguar Land Rover, to define requirements in line with agreed standards, while remaining agile and ensuring the ability to move fast. As such you’ll need significant dexterity to support the technical development of ventures while also considering the commonality of the tech stack across the portfolio.

You’ll provide direction, strategy and hands-on development of our activities, services and processes. You’ll need flexibility, adaptability and a healthy dose of pragmatism when providing expert support and advice to our ventures while never slowing thing down. You will build strong relationships with technical partners as required to accelerate the growth of our ventures. You’ll provide a supportive environment for our technical talent that prizes innovation, continual personal improvement and effective product development methodologies.

You will distil technical ideas into simple effective plans, working closely with your team of developers, designers and scientists to drive their execution within the challenges of an agile, startup environment. You will evolve our thinking, and help identify and develop our capabilities across the back-end, front-end, UX, as well as machine learning and optimisation techniques.

You’ll have the chance to develop and define the requirements for the core platform, ensuring InMotion is a business that is synonymous with technical excellence and innovation. Our activities to date have been written server-side in node.js and client-side as a mix of HTML and Reach.js. The choice of technology or language is continually evolving and it’s up to you to shape and keep our activities at the forefront of technology.

What the role will have to deliver

Act as technical leader and CTO to support technical direction
- Build strong relationships with external and internal stakeholders
- Manage all relationships to JLR IT functions including CiTO (Chief Information Technology Office)
- Manage all technical JLR relationships inc. connected car, electrical
- Lead technical bench of experts to deliver strategy and implement

Lead development of InMotion software architecture and tech stack
- Lead the definition of technical roadmap for venture consistency
- Deliver a scalable cloud and API platform solution to build scale and a common portfolio
- Develop machine learning and predictive modelling, optimisation techniques and algorithms
- Develop and implement the InMotion CRM strategy for ventures

Develop a strong and robust technology and DevOps culture within InMotion and its ventures
- Develop our core workflow, automation and user interfaces
- Embed a lean and data-informed product development process
- Oversee coding and development requirements/standards/QA
- Conduct code reviews and specification conformance testing
- Establish and supervise a quality assurance process, including integration and penetration testing

Ensure development, design and user experience requirements are define and met by ventures
- Develop and maintain service design and UX standards
- Develop our information security plan to protect confidentiality, integrity of data and servers
- Establish a specification conformance and testing regimen based on user stories and UX design

Develop core technical platform components and redeploy across ventures to go faster
- Use technical bench resource to build common tech stack and API elements
- Identify third party providers to integrate in the platform
- Develop connected vehicle technologies to support ventures

Support concept and venture development and growth
- Support product leaders to execute sprints/experiments in the Lab
- Support Venture Partners and ventures with technical expertise
- Manage and develop technical partners for ventures to use

Support JLR cultural change and broader business transformation
- Create a positive innovation culture and collaborative environment
- Build strong business relationships and partnerships with service and tech providers
- Engage in existing JLR research projects, including autonomous shared mobility services
- Lead, mentor and develop others in the team and across the ventures
- Act as the technology training and learning hub/centre of excellence
- Supervise recruitment, training, retention, and organisation of all technical staff