Want to help build Snoop? is hiring a

Cloud DevSecOps Engineer

Norwich, United Kingdom


What is Snoop?

Snoop is a new kind of platform – powered by Open Banking – that helps consumers win in the daily fight to get good value from the businesses they deal with. Consumers don’t have time to check how they’re spending their money every 5 minutes. But Snoop does – Snoop does it all day and is brilliant at it.

Snoop performs three key tasks for its customers:

  1. Keeps an eye on their bills to make sure they aren’t being ripped off
  2. Scours the internet to find ways for them to save money on the things they already buy
  3. Shows them all their bank accounts in one place, making the process of managing money super-simple.

Snoop’s only goal is to help everyone spend, save and live smarter. Snoop is being built in London and Norwich and launched in April 2020. With a passion for technology and design as well as belief in what Snoop is setting out to achieve, we’re looking for a brilliant powerhouse of a DevOps Engineer to join the team. Location for this role is London or Norwich with a high degree of remote working. You’ll be energetic, driven, super smart and a great problem solver with a knack of being able to communicate outcomes clearly to those who are not in the technical detail. Critically you’ll also have an unreasonably high standard for what is good enough.

Having a minimum of 3 years’ hands-on fresh experience in any industry, you’ll have been integral to the development and operation of a live production platform. We want someone who is good at what they do but wants to be the best. You’ll be key to developing Snoop's enterprise grade platform with security, privacy, scalability and resilience baked into the DNA of the architecture. We are building a modern serverless microservices architecture with embedded AI/ML capabilities and integration to a number of supplementary leading business and technology SaaS platforms.

With experience in working with both Scrum and/or Kanban methodologies you’ll thrive in a feature led working environment with day to day interaction with a cross functional team involving frontend engineering, backend engineering and other subject matter experts. You will be comfortable working in a fluid environment where requirements and priorities may change at short notice. Be prepared to be the cause of that change.

You’ll be responsible for:

  • Automation of the platform environment and configuration
  • Expressing your creativity by writing brilliant code to power the Snoop platform hosting environment
  • Developing the platform roadmap and designing solutions for new features
  • Creating and optimising the automated CI/CD pipeline
  • Delivery enterprise-grade security protection and monitoring for the platform
  • Develop and refine tools, procedures and workflows that create consistency, security and stability for our internal operations and customer experience
  • Writing quality documentation for the delivered features
  • Continually thinking about the root causes of issues, and where necessary, stop and re-evaluate a project with the team to ensure it doesn’t just address the symptoms of a problem
  • Researching new technologies and techniques, running experiments and proof of concepts to keep Snoop at the forefront of modern application development and platform operation
  • Supporting the platform and maintaining a high quality steady state of operations