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Community Manager, Champions (MMA)

ABOUT CHAMPIONS is a publication and community dedicated to highlighting the best in MMA and combat sports. We are striving to become the premier destination for fans to get excited about the fights, connect with the athletes, and help make MMA more accessible and fun for new viewers.

We are powered by, pop culture's top source for fan writing and the CMS backbone behind Movie Pilot (entertainment), Now Loading (gaming), and Champions (MMA). Collectively, fans on produce thousands of articles a month, reaching an audience of over 25 million.


As a Community Manager you will be responsible for developing and maintaining new relationships with fan writers from all over the world. Your day-to-day workflow will consist of growth-hacking and outreach to help scale our user base and have a huge part in shaping the largest online platform of professional fan writers. You will help our Creators develop their writing from the ground up, and will serve a foundational role within our Creator development program.