Index Exchange is hiring a

Compliance Manager

Toronto, Canada

Transparency is one of the founding principles of Index Exchange. As part of our efforts to increase transparency within digital advertising we’re preparing ourselves for compliance with the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). We’re looking for a Compliance Manager to join Index Exchange and help prep us for TAG compliance and fight fraudulent activity across the digital advertising supply chain. As Compliance Manager your first responsibility will be to learn and understand our internal organization and business but you’ll also bring an important and necessary outsider’s perspective on our existing processes. You’ll work across major departments and serve as the primary point on our engagement with different TAG programs, working to educate and assess all of our teams.

This is a brand new role at Index and we want someone who is up for a challenge. You’ll need to be incredibly process driven and not deterred by any pockets of resistance you run into. ‘Compliance’ and ‘audit’ are relatively foreign words in our lexicon - you’ll have to work hard to educate our employees about the importance of each of these programs and drive processes to quickly get us on board. One of the major obstacles with this role is situating yourself closely enough with our teams that you understand how they operate but keep enough distance that you can impartially assess our readiness.

Here’s what we want:

  • Organized: As the person who oversees the entire process for each certification program we participate in you need to be process driven and extremely detail oriented
  • Communicative: You will educate internal teams on the requirements of each program, keep apprised of modification to the program and notify teams of any changes. You should have a knack for breaking complex things down into understandable language
  • Independent: You are working closely with all of our teams to educate and assess compliance but not unduly influenced by any person within the organization. You need to be involved but completely independent
  • Tough: We’re not going to be perfect on all points and you need to be honest with our failures and tough on enforcing change. You will run into resistance (people hate change) but that won't deter you
  • Self-Starter: We’re new to the compliance world and we need someone who can do the requisite investigation, research and follow-up to get us in audit-ready shape

Here’s what you have:

  • Bachelor’s in Business, Communications or similar discipline
  • 2+ years in advertising technology, digital publishing or a related field
  • Detailed understanding of advertising technology, various functions within the digital advertising supply chain and compliance related topics (fraud, malware, piracy, etc.)
  • The ability to maintain an impartial approach when assessing compliance
  • Familiarity with TAG programs. Project management oriented certifications (PMP, CPMA etc.) are welcome but not required

Why you’ll love working here:

  • Work from our beautiful open-concept office in downtown Toronto
  • Team lunches every Friday
  • Relaxed dress code
  • We work flex hours
  • Full health-care benefits, RRSP matching and a discounted gym membership

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