Nixie Labs is hiring a

Computer Vision Engineer

Palo Alto, United States

Nixie is a portable flying camera that captures candid shots of you in the moment, without interrupting the action. Nixie was the Grand Prize winner in Intel's Make-it-Wearable challenge. We presented a live demo in the CES 2015 Keynote with the CEO of Intel. 

Our technology pushes the boundaries of sensing, controls, autonomy, airframe, and safety design. We are developing Nixie to deliver a unique product and user experience to mass consumer marketplace. A product that will allow users to capture and share engaging images and videos without having to experience life’s best moments through a viewfinder.

As a Computer Vision Engineer at Nixie Labs, you have excellent education and experience in estimation, tracking, and perception techniques. Your deep knowledge and understanding allows you to identify and implement elegant solutions from scratch, efficiently, and perfectly tailored to our use cases and our product concept.