Vium is hiring a

Computer Vision Engineer

About us:

Vium empowers biomedical investigators with technology that accelerates the preclinical drug discovery and development pipeline. Researchers can design, run, and analyze experiments that rapidly surface insights and high volumes of quality data. The platform improves the speed and reproducibility of preclinical research so that it is more predictive of how drugs perform in humans. The result is that better therapies get moved more quickly to patients who need them. Founded in 2013, we have a proven product, an awesome team, happy clients, smart investors and advisors, and plans to double in 2016 and beyond. Want to use your experience to help save lives? Here’s the chance for you to make this a reality.  

The role:

We’re hiring a Computer Vision Engineer to develop novel computer vision tools for extracting scientifically relevant metrics from large multi-modal sensor datasets.  You’ll leverage unique large-scale datasets to solve challenging problems and accelerate scientific breakthroughs in human health.

Meaningful Things You’ll Do:

  • Apply the latest computer vision and machine learning techniques to unique problems in behavior detection and tracking.
  • Partner with our engineering team and research scientists to decide what data to collect and how to collect it.
  • Have access to unprecedented datasets. We’re talking hundreds of terabytes of multi-modal sensor data collected by our proprietary platform.
  • Make a positive impact. By targeting research areas that include widespread medical challenges your work will lead to a direct positive change on human health.

Education and Experience: 

  • A Ph.D. in Computer Vision, or a Computer Science degree with a focus in Computer Vision.
  • 2+ years of Computer Vision engineering or research experience
  • Experience with OpenCV
  • Experience with C++
  • Experience with CUDA or GPU
  • Experience with motion tracking, activity analysis, or facial recognition
  • Experience with activity classification
  • Experience with Python

More about our team

We’re a group of talented individuals from a range of disciplines who’ve come together to radically improve the world of pre-clinical trials to accelerate medical advances so that we all lead longer, healthier lives.  

More About Our Culture:

We’re a group of talented individuals across multiple disciplines, coming together to deliver great engineering! 


  • Say what we’ll do and then do it.  As a small team, we’ve accomplished an incredible amount in a short time.
  • Are technical polymaths. If it’s technical, we either know about it or want to learn about it.
  • Have a wide range of interests, which is why we’re in this company in the first place.
  • Work in the office as much as is necessary, but are focused on results more than hours-in-a-chair-at-the-office.
  • Are focused on making serious progress while acknowledging and paying for technical debt. 

What We Offer:

  • Good salaries and good benefits. Who doesn’t want that?
  • Stock options
  • Catered lunch most days and fully stocked kitchen
  • Flexible work hours and Friday demo days/happy hours
  • Relaxed office in San Mateo and flexible work hours
  • Company offsites and retreats including a whole week in the summer when we close up shop and go on vacation  

Our corporate office is in San Mateo and the remote-controlled lab is in the South Bay.