Growbots is hiring a

Content Marketing Manager

Growbots mission is to help entrepreneurs worldwide connect with their customers by making outbound sales easy to start and scale. We've built the first, all-in-one outbound sales automation platform and already helped hundreds of businesses to grow.

In the early nineteenth century, the steam engine revolutionized the manufacturing industry. One man was able to accomplish what 20 people couldn't without machines. A similar revolution is coming to the sales industry thanks to sales automation tools. For years, companies needed huge teams of sales people... as one person was able to touch base with a very limited number of potential clients each day. But now there's no longer such a limit! With our AI based platform, anyone can generate a list of potential customers and contact them in 5 minutes, instead of spending 8 hours every single day. Can you think of a faster and more efficient way of getting in front of customers than creating a list of all people who might need your product and simply asking if they’re interested?

Hundreds of companies scale outbound sales with Growbots - here's what they say:

- "Fastest and easiest platform I've ever used for lead generation."

- "Growbots is the best thing to happen to our sales efforts."

- "Our company has seen a 10x increase in sales demos thanks to Growbots."

We've hit $2M ARR in just 11 months, and we're growing more than 20% MoM since the start. Our team grew 900% over last two years and expanded to over 50 people! We carry the endorsement of leading investors (500 Startups, Gil Penchina), and our goal is to become profitable within the next three months. We are thrilled to have you onboard!

Job Objective:

As Content Marketing Manager at Growbots, you will have the mission of unlocking entrepreneurial potential all around the world by becoming one of the most influential outbound sales advocates on the planet. Your goal will be to teach businesses the benefits of outbound sales and show them how to get started to increase the number of paying customers with Growbots.

You will develop own brand voice and tone. Also, you will make sure content meets our high editorial standards, reflects our voice & brand guidelines and provides benefits to our target audience and customers.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Serve as an evangelist for our message, customer success, brand, and content through thought leadership, blogging and social media
  • We want to teach the world how to do outbound sales right (as Hubspot did with inbound marketing) - and you will be the master
  • We get loads of customer love and people worldwide spread the good word about Growbots - we are getting a lot of publicity organically (Salesforce Blog, Best 20 Startups in Europe, "Hacking Sales" book, etc.)
  • You will have the opportunity to become one of the first marketing hires and grow with the company
  • Our office is located in SOMA