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San Francisco, United States

For a minute, forget about browsing job post after job post and just imagine your perfect copywriter job. Probably not at a company that sells warranties, right? Guess again my talented, storytelling friend. It’s here at SquareTrade. “How is that possible???” you ask. Because even though warranties are what we sell—brand love is what we make. Google us and you’ll find thousands of five-star reviews, 200,000+ followers on Facebook, and millions of views on YouTube. It’s crazy. Crazy awesome. Your job will be to help us take that love, the love we have for our customers and our customers have for us, and turn it into big ideas, killer concepts and awesome words.

You’ll be joining our world-class internal creative team inside a company that’s soaring. SquareTrade is the fastest growing ecommerce company of its kind. We’re revolutionizing a $30b industry with innovation and attention to customer satisfaction. You’ll have a rare opportunity to contribute directly to the growth of a profitable, high-growth, pre-IPO company. And get some amazing work in your portfolio.
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