VaynerMedia is hiring a

Creative Resource Director

New York, United States

My mission is to lay the groundwork for a future-proofed Resource Management methodology at VaynerMedia.  My job relies on strong partnerships with heads of the departments, C-suite members, SVPs, and GCDs to devise an effective Creative staff.

As a Director, I have an understanding of the overall company business objectives as well as the planned trajectory for each client.  I am aware of the balance between what is scoped and the talent needed to meet client expectations.  I collaborate with the Office of the CEO to ensure Pods are supported by adequate revenue.

By keeping a finger on the pulse for all clients, I am able to provide the CCO with contextual information in order to review and vet creative talent.  When appropriate, I prescribe creative brand rotations to maximize efficacy, minimize attrition, and allow for career mobility.

My qualifications include:

  • Proven track record with implementing Resource Management best practices
  • Superlative interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to recognize creative needs or project risks before they arise
  • Nuanced understanding of creative skill-sets and production timelines
  • Expert with conflict resolution
  • Mastery managing workload across multiple groups simultaneously