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Culinary Internship

San Francisco, United States

Hampton Creek
At Hampton Creek, we're obsessed with the idea of starting over in food. For us, that means making it easier for everyone everywhere to eat better for the planet, better for their bodies, affordably and absolutely deliciously. In order to achieve this goal, we are researching the 400,000 species of plants on Earth to see how they can be used to make better food--from mayo to pancakes to dressings and beyond.

Your Role.
A big part of making better food accessible is showing the world how easy and fun it can be to make simple, delicious food. Visit our Facebook, YouTube or Instagram and you'll see tons of recipe videos. We're looking for a current student or recent graduate with a burning passion for creative food and cooking to make delicious recipes to inspire our viewers around the world.You’ll gain a wide breadth of experience ranging from sourcing the recipe ingredients to preparing them, cooking them, to potentially building original recipes for the videos.

Your Responsibilities.
At Hampton Creek we move super fast. We crank out multiple videos and tons of recipes every week. So while each day will differ, here are some projects that you could expect:
·       Recipe testing, enhancing and iterating as you go.
·       Shopping for ingredients and props for set and recipe testing.
·       “Mise en Place:” dicing, measuring, organizing and prepping all the ingredients for recipe videos.
·       Opportunity to be featured in our Recipe Videos – cutting, cooking on camera, placement and assisting with the stop motion animation.
·       Maintaining a clean and organized workspace so you can keep moving as fast as you do, safely.
·       Potential for growing to develop original, creative recipes.

·       You're a multi-tasker, love trying new things, and thrive in fast-paced environments.
·       You have an obsession with food and recipe creation. I.E. You can tell the difference between a beautiful tomato and a tomato that will look great on camera.
·       You enjoy both working in teams and accomplishing tasks individually.
·       Curiosity-driven. Always.
·       Currently enrolled in a culinary program OR have worked “back of the house” in a professional kitchen and understand the hustle.
·       Completed first term of Culinary Program OR equivalent “back of house” dining experience.
·       Available to work full-time (9:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday-Friday) from August - September (with possibility of extension).
·       Culinary intuition guides you (an ability to taste, test and reiterate as you go).
·       You adapt quickly. That recipe not working? Add this ingredient instead, try this temperature…
·       You take initiative and ownership to roll up your sleeves and get sh*t done.
·       You’re open to exploring both cooking and baking—even if you have a preference for one.

Interested? Apply below w/ a resume + cover letter telling us why you're a great fit.

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