Bright is hiring a

Customer Service Intern

Mexico City, Mexico

Job Description:

A Customer Service Intern is part of the Operations team at Bright. It´s the part of the company that talks to clients regarding any request, information, or report towards Bright´s service. The intern would be in charge of following up specific doubts or complains until their resolution. Customer Service works closely with clients, Quality Assurance, Design, and CFE. 

Check out a short video about our work environment here

Ideal profile

  • You’re passionate about making the world a better and more sustainable place
  • You have a proven track record of success and/or being promoted in whatever you do
  • You are an entrepreneur, in love with startup culture 
  • You’re a “do-er” that doesn’t need much direction to deliver on targets
  • Excited about learning new things and developing new skill
  • You are organized, comfortable with technology and can adapt to rapid structural changes
  • Patience
  • Effective communication
  • Time availability to work full time
  • You are very comfortable speaking English and communicating concisely

Core Activities:

A post installation support agent (customer service intern) is responsible to make sure that everything works as it is supposed to after the system has been interconnected, the key tasks of his day to day are:

  • CFE billing support
  • Bright contract and billing support
  • Operation and Maintenance support
  • This is a startup, you will help us innovate and build a better company


  • Base Salary
  • Ample paid time off as needed – we are about getting things done, not face time
  • A fun, high-caliber team that trusts you and gives you the freedom to be brilliant – we treat new hires more like co-founders
  • Unparalleled learning – we have access to an amazing list of advisors and investors that we actively engage on this project
  • Awesome work environment - all inputs and ideas matter to us