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Customer Success, Collect Business Unit

New Delhi, India
Collect ( is a SAAS mobile-based data collection platform built for the next billion — it works completely offline, with UI/UX designed for first-time smartphone users. In 2017, Collect was used by organizations in 17 countries around the world, recording 6 million surveys and taking over 13.5 million photos. Collect is used by partners for a variety of use cases, including logistics tracking, surveys, market research, customer satisfaction assessments and monitoring & evaluation. Our partners have recorded data about health facilities, crop sales, waste management, education quality, off-grid refrigeration, hostels, sanitation, and climate change.

The Collect team operates as an independent business unit, with plans to scale globally within the next 3 years. Collect was selected to be part of the Google Launchpad accelerator in San Francisco in 2018.

Over the past 2 years, our Engineering and Product teams have built a robust and resilient product to digitize data collection for the emerging markets. We took learnings from our first version and Collect was officially launched as a SAAS platform in June 2017. Today Collect is arguably the world's best mobile data collection product. It is already used by leading organizations around the world, powering programs and teams ranging from Google's Internet Saathi program to the World Food Program in Zambia.

At our core, we are a customer-driven company. Our customers inspire us to iterate, implement feedback, and drive forward. At SocialCops, we highly value the role that Customer Support plays in connecting our engineers to our customers and helping us building an amazing product!

We believe the road towards our vision is dodgy and the journey is fun only with highly engaged partners. As a Customer Success Executive, you are the ultimate stakeholder for customer happiness.

This role will include building processes to onboard new users onto our platform, training them to use the platform, answering queries, following up regularly — basically everything you can do to ensure that they win! You are responsible for setting up and measuring key metrics such as usage, churn, CSAT, and first response time. You will hire the most amazing customer service reps, train them, and ensure that they build a great customer service experience.

In the end, you'll be building a customer-focused brand from the ground up!

The Responsibilities

  • Drive customer success outcomes: One of your core jobs will be to make sure our customers are successful and happy. First, the basics — are our customers sticking with us? You'll be working to increase renewal rates and reduce churn. Then it'll be your mission to turn even our most rookie customers into product experts and evangelists, increasing their future lifetime value through higher product adoption and customer satisfaction. You'll also be responsible for expanding our revenue through cross-selling and up-selling, and driving new business growth through greater advocacy and referrals.
  • Define and optimize our customer journey: Like an explorer in uncharted lands, it'll be your responsibility to map our customers' journeys. You'll identify key listening points (like usage, satisfaction, etc.) and standardize how we intervene at each points — all while learning from industry best practices and identifying how we can continuously improve.
  • Manage customer success activities: These include onboarding, training, professional services, customer support, renewals, cross-selling, up-selling, and advocacy.
  • Measure the effectiveness of customer success: You can't fix what you don't understand! Your work will include defining operational metrics for the Customer Success team, establishing a system for tracking these metrics, setting up a process and cadence for team reviews, and regularly sharing these metrics with our executive team, company, and board.
  • Lead a world-class customer success team: Your natural first step will be to bring high-potential contributors and experienced leaders into your team. After that, it'll be crucial to create a culture and processes that help all these new team members become successful. This will include building a rapid onboarding process for new members, fostering collaboration within the team across the customer lifecycle, and encouraging continuous learning.
  • Enhance effectiveness and efficiency through technology: Use technology to accelerate your team's work by building better support systems, setting up customer marketing software, creating solutions for references and advocacy, and setting up a great platform for customer marketing and management.
  • Inspire customer success across company: Rally the entire SocialCops team behind your mission, and create a company-wide customer feedback loop. To get everyone on board, you'll need to align with Marketing around marketing to existing clients, align with Product around making sure customer success drives the product roadmap, align with Sales around bringing a focus on retention to our cross-selling and up-selling efforts, align with Finance around our financial measurements and forecasting, and align with the Executive Team around the company's key metrics and objectives. 

The Challenges We Face Every Day

  • Your role will require you to don many hats and interact with stakeholders at various levels of seniority in the government, from Chief Ministers, Members of Parliament, and District Collectors to Block Officers, Gram Panchayat Officials, and even Field Mechanics.
  • At SocialCops, we are committed to building a lean team. This means that you'll have to build processes, materials and innovative ways of providing support to various types of users while maintaining a lean team.
  • Our passion and drive to solve problems differentiates us from typical technology vendors. Hiring and scaling a team that can translate the passion of our early team across the nooks and crannies of the world is essential to maintaining our position as a trusted advisor to our partners. Our Customer Happiness team is the key executor of this vision. In this role, you will be instrumental in scaling the team and working through these challenges.
  • Our products are used by a variety of users from different geographies and demographies — ranging from a village entrepreneur in rural Uttar Pradesh to a Union Minister in central Delhi. Building scalable training and support modules for a range of users, with a variety of in-person and online training techniques for users of different capabilities, is a core part of your role. 


  • Thoroughly understand our partners, their needs, and how our platform adds differentiated value.
  • Become adept at using our products and understanding the nuances of the platform.
  • Understand our current accounts and problems that need attention.
  • Start on-boarding, training, and setting up new users on our platform.
  • Drive your own partners through a full cycle, from set up to active use.
  • Manage renewals


  • Own your numbers – hit your goals on active users, on-boarding, and training metrics.
  • Put on your investigative hat and pick up the phone to understand why users are inactive and what we can do about it.
  • Venture into the field to understand how different partners are using our products, then help grow the product in the right direction accordingly.
  • Create a partner happiness plan for all your active accounts.
  • Build tools to help solve major pain points.


  • Identify key areas of focus regarding retention, and create metrics or other ways to flag at-risk accounts.
  • Create a proactive retention plan and work with your team to implement it.
  • Re-evaluate our current practices. What’s working? What’s not? Where are we slow? How can we improve? Are our partners happy? You will drive process change and implementation.
  • Step up as a leader to new team members.

About SocialCops

SocialCops is a data intelligence company that powers leaders in United Nations, Gates Foundation, Unilever and 150+ organizations. We have been recognized on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, a Fortune magazine cover, and as one of India's top 10 emerging startups. Our platform is currently used in 17 countries in South Asia and Africa.

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