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Data Analysis Coordinator (4 positions available) - Application Deadline: Sunday Jan 24 at 11:59 p.m PT



Pivot 2020 is led by SFU Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue, Youthful Cities and the Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity. In Fall 2020, the Pivot program employed over 1000 youth in 27 cities across Canada to conduct research into the urban youth experience during the pandemic. This data includes over 3,500 survey responses, 500 interviews, and an index containing over 35,000 data points for 27 Canadian cities. In February-March 2021, this data will be analyzed, resulting in an accessible and online open data repository that cities and other stakeholders can use to plan a youth-informed post-Covid recovery.

About the Opportunity:

In this role, you will oversee a group of 10-15 data analysts (co-op students) who are responsible for the analysis and dissemination of the Pivot 2020 research data. You will be reporting to the Program Director, and working with other Data Analysis Coordinators and teams across Pivot to ensure the data is prepared for a digital environment on the online hub. The data analysis teams will be responsible for two main work flows: quality assurance and cleaning of data, as well as organizing and analysing data for the purpose of producing content for the online data hub, and presenting useful data to regional community partners.

Each Data Analysis Coordinator and their team will be responsible for quality assurance as well as organizing and analysing the following types of data:

  • qualitative interview data
  • quantitative survey data
  • quantitative index data

Core Duties:

  • Manage a team of data analysts to complete the research analysis and insight process within the deadline, including:
    • Working closely with Program Director and other stakeholders as necessary to develop and manage schedules to meet program deliverables
    • Reviewing the data collected in the fall 2020, executing analysis assignments as given to the team, as well as identifying areas of further analysis that could be conducted by the data analysis team, subject to approval
    • Primary or secondary analysis of all research data, which may involve the use of quantitative and/or qualitative methods and tools, to support the development of key findings
    • Directly contribute to and manage creation of research reports and presentations, including drafting the findings report and presentation, and collaborating with stakeholders on design and production
    • Collaborate with team on key research talking points
    • Coordinating the development and sharing of research findings/reports/presentations to internal and external stakeholders with co-op students, under the guidance and direction provided by Program and Partnerships
    • Support the creation and production of original content for dissemination via sector website, publications, newsletters and other media
    • Contribute to and/or directly participate in the oral presentation and training on the findings
  • Cooperate with, support, and learn alongside your team members
  • Commitment and training as it relates to equity, inclusion and diversity in research

Administrative responsibilities:

  • Providing orientation/training and allocating/prioritizing work assignments to assigned team
  • Exercising conflict resolution, problem-solving and time management skills in balancing competing demands
  • Liaise with internal stakeholders to provide update on the co-op research team progress and how it fits within the overall project strategy
  • Supporting data analysis as needed
  • Participating in Pivot 2020 programs and events when necessary
  • Other tasks as required