Hampton Creek is hiring a

Data Engineer

San Francisco, United States

Hampton Creek is seeking an experienced Data Engineer to join our data science and engineering team. You will help design, deploy and maintain data pipelines, analytical services, and data stores--doing anything and everything required to unlock insights with our world-class, data-driven research, development, and operations teams.

This position represents a unique opportunity to work with a hard-driving, cross-functional team of scientists, research chefs, business analysts, and engineers. You will add your particular skills to our mix, and together we will create the future of food.

- Applications and APIs to collect, track, and analyze our plant library and research data
- Machine learning models to discover innovative culinary and nutritive uses of plants
- Analytics tools and systems for operational and sales data
- Integrations between laboratory robotics, information systems, and custom tooling

- World class bioinformaticians, biochemists, and biologists
- Elite business operations analysts
- Innovative food scientists and research chefs

- Python (Jupyter, Anaconda, etc.), R/RStudio, SQL, Tableau, Github, Javascript, Flask, React, AWS, DigitalOcean, Docker, Postgres, SQL Server, RDS, and Core Informatics; open source whenever possible; and anything else that makes us more effective.
- State of the art laboratory instruments and robotics generating volumes of scientific data

- An alphabet soup on your resume that will match a magical regex of skills

- Coding ability and experience that you can demonstrate. We’re a Python & R shop. JVM & functional languages are appreciated.
- The ability to grok requirements and translate them into robust, readable, tested codeProven skills working on databases and data infrastructure
- A major relational DB (necessary), columnar & document DBs (preferred), distributed systems (+)
- Strong software engineering practices Source control, code review, testing, automation, deployment, and operations
- Systems & platform knowledge Linux, HTTP, TCP/IP: home turf. Windows, Mac OSX: you know your way around.
- Command of basic statistics and a strong quantitative aptitude
- Experience with machine learning is a huge plusIndependent and collaborative mindsets and a sense of when each is appropriate
- A passion for data and desire to change our food system!