JW Player is hiring a

Data Engineer

New York, United States

Over half a billion videos are watched on a JW Player video player every day. The Data Team at JW Player is responsible for processing all of this data and making it available as meaningful metrics.

As a Backend Engineer on the Data Team you will have the opportunity to tackle the scale challenges of coding pipelines that can handle ETLing a 1+ TB flood of data every day. Our stack includes both realtime and batch data processing and is all hosted in AWS.

In this role, you will:

  • Build data oriented products to provide our publishers with tools to increase engagement and thoughtful analytics needed to understand how their videos are being watched.
  • Crunch overall video network data to gain insight into how video is being watched on the most popular video player on the web (see http://www.jwplayer.com/trends/).
  • Work with Data Scientists to process video data in ways that are meaningful for our publishers. This includes everything from implementing sophisticated related video recommendations to automating the classification of the videos in our network.
  • Collaborate with a talented team of other engineers, data scientists, & product managers in an agile engineer environment where you build fast, fail fast, and fix fast.


  • Experience: 3-5 years relevant experience.
  • Experience working with coding languages and technologies that can deal with Big Data. This includes knowledge of some of the following and a willingness to learn the others: Python, Java, Kafka, Hive, Hadoop/MapReduce, Storm,  Avro/Parquet, Relational & Column Store databases, MongoDB/NoSql, Elasticsearch, etc.
  • Scale is something that excites you and you have dealt with before. When you build a data pipeline, you are confident it will work just as well in a dev environment as it will in a prod environment dealing with 100x the amount of data.
  • Comfortable working in a Cloud environment, ideally AWS. The JW Player DevOps team is here to help you, but you should prefer collaborating with them as opposed to just throwing environment challenges over the wall to them.
  • Obsession with code quality. Whether it's pure unit tests, integration tests, or both, you know your are responsible for your code working correctly and can easily validate this with tests that can be hooked into a CI environment.
  • Enjoy working with other engineers. You recognize there are multiple ways to engineer a solution and feel a code review is a chance to share knowledge, not judge others' code.
  • B.S. or higher in Computer Science or comparative experience engineering experience.

Company Overview

If you've watched video on the web, you already know us. JW Player is a venture-funded, online video software company based in Manhattan. Our flagship product, the JW Player, is deployed on over 2 million websites and streams billions of videos each month.  Started in 2008 as the world’s first open source video player, today the company’s customers span the globe across 193 countries and range from Fortune 500 companies to individual bloggers. We’re busy innovating for the future by actively hiring smart, motivated, and innovation-driven people! Come help us imagine and define what comes next! jwplayer.com/careers